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Code Enforcement Inspector

Madusu Jawara
P: 763-531-1144

If you have a code enforcement question or would like to report a possible violation, complete the form below or contact the code enforcement inspector at 763-531-1144, email.

Click here to see the complete City Code.

Property Violation Form

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Property Address (required) Building # (i.e. "4141")*:  
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Apt/unit/suite No. (if applicable): 
Description of Property (conditions/possible violations)*:   
Your contact information is required below so city staff can follow up with the to obtain or pass along findings and outcomes, if needed. 
Your name and contact information is confidential and is not released to the public
Your name (reporting party)*:  
May we enter your property to observe the violation? 
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Do you want us to follow up with you regarding an outcome? 


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