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Snow PlowWhen the city gets 1.5 inches of snow or more, it does a full plow of all city streets and alleys. If there is less than 1.5 inches in accumulation, the city may send out trucks to salt main roads and hills.

VIDEO: City Snow Removal Operations

Crews work systematically to clear all the streets, which is slightly more than 86 miles; however, routes may change due to a variety of factors such as parked vehicles or traffic. When the weather cooperates, crews start very early in the morning to clear main roads before the morning rush hour.

 On-street parking is prohibited between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m year-round. After a snowfall of at least 1½ inches in the city, parking is prohibited on all public streets and alleys until the snow has stopped accumulating and the street or alley has been plowed edge to edge.
Parking violations should be reported to the police by calling 911.

The city does not salt/sand sidewalks. With the available resources it is just not feasible. When removing snow from sidewalks, it is difficult to see all features along a route due to the blowing snow. Operators try to minimize the amount of snow placed on already cleared driveways, walkways and stairs, but some snow will miss the target due to the nature of the operation. If there is a specific concern or question, please contact the streets superintendent at 763-531-1164, [email protected].

Snow removal help for older residents is available at

City Plow Ride-along
Ever wonder about what it's like behind the scenes plowing city streets after a snow event? Consider doing a “plow-along” with Crystal Public Works this winter. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Plow Zones
Who is responsible for what road?

Snow Removal FAQs

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